Discover niche Youtubers with TubeSpark

DRAGON SLUMBER is proud to announce the launch of TubeSpark, a free website set to help promote niche quality Youtubers by having the audience vote for their favorite channels. The best content creators move up the ranks, which brings them more visibility on the platform.

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“There's never been as much competition for Youtubers to get noticed, and with YouTube's stricter policy for monetization, a lot of content creators are in jeopardy of being left behind," said Kevin Giguère, the developer and founder of TubeSpark. "I hope that this platform can help give great Youtubers the push they deserve, as well as help viewers discover some more great content out there."

Viewers are presented with a single video from a content creator, and vote to give it a thumbs up or down. They're then encouraged to follow on YouTube and social media. Experience points and badges are also awarded by completing various actions daily, ranking them higher on the leaderboards. Meanwhile, Youtubers are also ranked on the leaderboards by the number of thumbs up they receive.

TubeSpark is available now for free as an open beta service. Viewers and content creators alike are encouraged to sign up now and start voting.

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