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Today I'm proud to announce Dragon Slumber's newest game, a 3d first person puzzle game called Aethernaut. Inspired by games like Portal and the Talos Principle, Aethernaut places you in the Construct, a steampunk style claustrophobic environment. You must use the light from aether cubes to solve the numerous experiment, take the aether vials which will let you access the core and shut it down.

You are guided by the voice of Cornell, a disgruntled employee hired to probe you and better understand why you are able to survive the deadly aether. As you traverse the abandoned Construct, an unseen entity tries to make contact, pleading for your help.

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Discover the depths of your soul with AETHERNAUT, an open world first person puzzle game in the vein of Portal and Talos Principle. Set in a claustrophobic steampunk world, you must solve puzzle rooms using light, sensors, portals and time travel to gather the aether vials and access the core of the Construct.

The pre-alpha version of Aethernaut will be available to try out for a very limited time during two upcoming digital conventions. First, it will be featured for the very first time at Gamescom 2020, from August 27th to August 30th. You'll be able to download the demo directly from its steam page. Since it's very much still in development, I'll be keeping a close eye on what players say, elements they get stuck on and general improvements I can make to make Aethernaut truly stand out.

A few short weeks later, I'm bringing the game back during Tokyo Game Show, from September 23rd to 27th, which will be an updated build based on your comments. Again, please provide me with every comment and criticism you can, it will definitely make a difference for the game.

Finally, I'm proud to showcase a sizzle reel of what the game seeks to deliver. It's still very much a work in progress so expect things to look even better moving forward.

I hope you will all join me on this new adventure!

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