Tech Support: Error Unknown Demo available now

Dear applicant,

Congratulations! Iceberg Interactive and Dragon Slumber have selected you as a potential employee of Quasar Telecommunications. You are set to work as a Tier 1 Tech Support Specialist with many avenues to progress down in your career. Log in to your Spectrum OS account here to start your trial period.

A free demo of the upcoming, award-winning(Best Indie Pitch, MIGS 2018) adventure Tech Support: Error Unknown is now available on Gamejolt and for PC/Mac/Linux. The full game is scheduled for release in February 2019.

Tech Support: Error Unknown Announcement Trailer

Tech Support: Error Unknown is a unique adventure game that recruits players as new-starters in the IT department of a large hi-tech corporation. From a virtual desktop interface, you’ll chat with customers and colleagues through an organic procedural dialogue system, solving puzzles and making discoveries and decisions that radically affect the branching narrative. Will you serve the company, or sabotage it from within?

The choice is yours.




In Tech Support, you’ll be free to set your own agenda and unravel the mystery as you see fit.

Supporting assets including trailers, screenshots and fact sheets are available via the Tech Support: Error Unknown Press Kit.

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