My game dev journey podcast pilot, available now!

As many of you know, Arelite Core's development has been rife with hurdles along the way, some which I expected and most which game as a complete surprise. Through this podcast, I provide an overview of various issues I encountered, such has sub-contracting issues, financial woes and just the general strain of it all.

Looking forward, the pilot also tries to establish a series where I'll be covering other topics and issues I've encountered throughout production, like game design, programming, artists, marketing, distribution and more. Because of the time required to produce this however, I'm waiting to see the reception this receives. After all, I do have to focus on making sure I can make a living wage now that I'm becoming a full time indie game developer. However, if you'd like to hear more, consider donating to my Patreon, which will allow me to continue doing these.

You can listen and download the pilot episode from Sound Cloud now!