Forge your legacy today with Arelite Core!

After five years of passion and labor, today I'm proud to announce that Arelite Core is finally making its way to a PC near you! (hopefully yours).

Forge your legacy in an epic story of a life time as you join Karden, a master blacksmith from the mountains of Arreal, who must stand alongside a cast of unlikely heroes against the forces of the demonic entity Talameq. Travel across a large, diverse world filled with different races, cultures and political ideologies.

You will have to master an involved battle system to conquer the legions of monsters. To stand victorious, you must customize each party member’s unique stances, master powerful blitz techniques, stun their enemies and unleash deadly combos. By finding ore along their journey, they may also forge powerful new weapons and armor.

Arelite Core is all about bringing back that classic 90s JRPG cinematic feel. By focusing on the presentation of the story and the dynamic battle system, I wanted to offer a game that harkens back to our idealized memories of the 16 bit era.

ARELITE CORE is available now on Steam and other distribution platforms across the web, at a launching price of 15.99$ for a limited time. Grab a copy and forge your legacy today!

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