Astral Traveler needs a 3d artist

I am looking for a lead artist to help create a more cohesive artistic vision for Astral Traveler, a stylish mix between F-Zero and an endless runner for PC, Mac and other platforms. This includes:

  • Designing the general look and feel of the game
  • Location design
  • Player, enemy, obstacle design and modelling where relevant.
  • General input and involvement on the game
  • Unity knowledge a plus
  • Mobile knowledge a plus

Because the deadline is tight, we're looking to launch around the end of May, we are looking for a more elegant presentation rather than being driven by a lot of assets. Relevant examples of your work will be required. Before I hire anyone, I will need to ensure they can do the job.

The game

Astral Traveler is a fast paced racing game which is all about completing levels rather than defeating opponents. You control a ship with multiple abilities such as shooting down incoming enemies, jumping between platforms and shifting to boost through some obstacles. The game is highly difficult and rewarding, with an emphasis on time and leaderboards rather than just stars. It will also be a 5$ game, with emphasis being on a greater challenge and interesting level design rather than a plethora of assets.

You can find out more about the game on its greenlight page though be forewarned that the game is evolving at a very rapid pace with new mechanics and polish being added on a nearly daily basis.


Payment is to be negociated. Please submit pricing examples in your offer. You may contact me at any time by e-mail at, by Skype at ds_kevingiguere, or by facebook at

I look forward to hearing from you.