Astral Traveler

Release date:
Late May 2017
4.99 USD


Time is running out, as your astral ship will only survive for a few seconds more. You boost onwards at a frenetic pace, dodging obstacles at breakneck speed, reaching out for pulsars which will provide precious additional seconds. A warp gate to the next track is just up ahead, if your skills are tight enough to reach it.

But these galactic challenges can not be overcome through speed alone. To dominate the tracks, you’ll need to shift between two worlds on the fly, the physical and astral states, speed and life, opening and close barriers and leading your way towards the end.

There’s a strange world out there, but a moment’s distraction will spell your doom. Astral Traveler is here and if you let it get away, you’ll never be fast enough to catch it.


  • High speed arcade racing action
  • Switch between your astral and physical state
  • Defy death barriers in an ever changing world
  • Blaze through several uncanny environments
  • Challenge online leaderboards and ghosts
  • Earn Steam cards and achievements
  • An affordable 5 USD price tag
  • Developed live on Twitch
  • Several languages including english, french and turkish
  • Available for PC, Mac and Linux